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Birth plans matter!

"But isn't birth unpredictable?"
Yes it is, but a good birth plan outlines what matters most to you and serves to clearly communicate your wants, needs and boundaries.
"Cool, well my midwife said it'll be done later in pregnancy."
That's great, but this is YOUR birth plan, it isn't up to anyone else when you write it and the one you write with your midwife is likely to be guided by the things that matter to them and the things they need to know. You deserve to give this plenty of time and thought.
"Makes sense, how can you help though?"
Birth planning with someone who has knowledge of birth but no agenda can be invaluable and provide a lot more than 'just' a birth plan. I will help you think about what matters to you most through gentle questioning and provide information and education around the various choices available to you.

Details please!

  • Available virtually or in-person if you live within 15 miles of Christchurch (UK)

  • Choose what you pay (£10 minimum per hour)

  • Pick how many hours you need (up to four hours)

  • Receive any notes typed on a birth plan template for you to edit and use however you want, as well as signposting/links to any relevant research or resources based on our discussion

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