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Rabeeah's story

Guest blog by Rabeeah - @rabeeah_asg

I come from a Pakistani British background and no one in my family had breastfed at all. 

Before I gave birth I didn’t do much research and tried to hand express colostrum. Because I only got a few drops I gave up. 

When baby boy was born via planned c-section I was so nervous thinking 'he won’t latch at all' (I heard that it’s harder to bf after a c-section!).

He latched like a dream and feeding was fine for the first few days. Then came the 5 day checkup...I was being all confident and found that baby had lost more than 10.5% weight!

The midwife advised me to supplement after a feed with formula, or to express. I opted to express but didn’t know anything about flange sizes, stimulation of the breasts etc. so that was a failure too. So I had to use formula. 

My mum is Pakistani and came from Pakistan to help me as I had a c-section. Every time she came she would force a bottle of formula down my baby’s throat thinking he ‘needed’ it, when in fact he needed probably just one ounce to get him to sleep. Nevertheless I eventually stood my ground and stopped using formula (just had to tell mum to stop coming around so much and lie that I was using formula).

When baby was 5 weeks, I noticed dribbling and he was crying and making clicking noises. So I went to the local breastfeeding group and they suspected tongue tie and I went privately to a specialist (NHS wait is up to 6 weeks!). The tongue tie was so hidden away in the back you could barely see it, but I decided to have that released and I’m so glad I did because I could really feel such a difference instantly. It was like baby was waiting for that release and tension to be solved and breastfeeding there onwards was very good. 

Now I’m nearly 5 months on and he’s been breastfeeding really well! 

I hope to keep breastfeeding as long as he doesn’t wean himself off me.


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