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It's begun

The sampling process has begun for our Boobin’ Bras mamas! In the not too distant future there will be physical, glorious bras and breast pads in existence. Things are finally starting to come together and I am so very happy - can you tell? Thank you for your unwavering support, it means a helluva lot to this mama just doing her best.

When I had the idea for Boobin’ Bras, I was blissfully naive. My idea was simple enough, I turned it over and over in my head, decided it would work and set off on the entrepreneurial road.

I quickly discovered there is nothing simple about starting a business and DEFINITELY nothing simple about designing bras and breast pads, especially not when you’re doing something totally new. People go to university to study contour fashion (lingerie to you and me) because it is complex. Bras are part fashion and part engineering and they are hard, so very hard to get right. More than once I have sat, head in hands, and wondered what on earth I’m doing...but I believe in this, I believe in better for our boobs, better for our magic milk makers that sustain a whole other person and so quitting, however tempting, has never really been an option.

My reluctance to quit doesn’t change the fact I’m no expert in bras though and I quickly realised some specialist help was required. During my search I found Maxine and her incredible team.

Maxine is the founder of Intimate Apparel Samples and a fellow mama (her tiny human even has the same name as mine, fate or what?!). After graduating DeMontfort University, Maxine started her own line of luxury lingerie, Maxine’s of London, and at the same time started Intimate Apparel Samples, helping people like me realise their dreams.

She and her team bring contour expertise to the party and will be the ones turning my ideas and sketches into a reality. It may take us a few tries to get the key aspects of the bras and breast pads to work in harmony, but work has begun and I can’t wait to share the progress with you.

If you want to be the first to see and hear updates when there’s exciting news to share, don’t forget to sign up here.

You can also support the #boobinbras commitment to normalise breastfeeding by following along on social media and tagging us in your glorious boobin’ pics.

Here’s to bras that are SO blimmin’ comfy you never want to take them off and hassle free breast pads, because when you’re running round after tiny humans, do you really need added stress? Um no!


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