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Picking a bra fabric...

The first Boobin’ Bra made was a toile (test garment) - this was done in stock fabrics Intimate Apparel Samples had already. It wasn’t important to use the final fabrics at that point, because it was just about assessing the pattern and making sure the technical aspects were correct. The first fitting went well and although we decided we need to play about with the breast pad element, there weren’t huge tweaks to the actual shape and structure of the bra, so it was time to decide on final fabrics…

You might think that would be the easy really wasn’t. Well, it might have been if I wasn’t bothered about where it comes from/how it’s made/how sustainable it is. Add in those factors and it suddenly got a lot harder. The other *slight* barrier, was my total lack of textile knowledge. How much stretch is a good thing, is a lightweight or heavyweight fabric better? Most importantly, what combination is going to make our boobs feel all the love!

It did help that I’d been looking at samples and researching for months, so I actually knew a bit more than I first realised and with the help of Maxine and her team, I made the call.

So mamas, our boobin’ bras will be made from a super soft, firm, excellent quality, jersey knit fabric and here’s the breakdown of what it’s made from:

  • 44% GOTS certified organic cotton, you can read more about GOTS certification here

  • 44% Lenzing branded modal, you read more about the fibre production here

  • 12% Lycra, you can read more about the Lycra brand here

Why this specific composition? Organic cotton and modal are both lovely breathable fabrics. Modal is durable, less prone to shrinking, stays soft and resists creasing (irons down mamas!). Organic cotton is also durable and fantastic for sensitive skin, together I reckon they’re a pretty badass combo. 

Then the Lycra. In an ideal world there would be no man-made fibres, but it’s important the fabric has stretch to allow for the changes in our boobs while they’re doing their thang. As soon as there’s an eco-alternative, you’d better believe I’ll be using, but in the meantime Lycra means the bras will stretch and ping back into shape, woohoo! 

This fab blend of boob hugging loveliness is all knitted here in the UK, meaning it doesn’t have far to travel, because hey, the lower I can get the Boobin’ Bras carbon footprint the better.

So there you go mamas, that’s the final bra fabric down, just the breast pads to go.


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