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What's in a name?

Well it turns out, quite a lot. I love words (can you tell?), so I always knew picking a name would be a challenge, but I never realised quite how hard. There is so much to consider - is your name going to cause offence? Do you mind if it causes offence? Is it clear what your business is? Do you want to instil trust, make people smile, or both? I chose the name 'Boobs and Botany' pretty early on and I'll be honest, I kind of loved it - I might even use it for something else in the future, so watch this space!

The more I used it though, the less sure I felt it was right for THIS. Then I read back through something I'd written early on and I saw it...'boobin' bras' - it was an 'aha' moment. It had flowed from my fingertips without any conscious thought and it straight up says what I'm doing here - boobin' bras, bras for boobin', you get the idea.

Then the doubt set in and although my head said "this is the name", I couldn't quite let go of what I'd been using in my head for months. I talked it over, wrote lists of pros and cons and ran an A/B ad on Facebook, which is where some lovely peeps see one name and other lovely peeps see another and you see which one goes down best. I hit refresh constantly while the ad was running, desperate to be pointed in the right direction, but it was virtually an even split. So me, perhaps one of the most indecisive people ever, had to just decide.

I listened to the 'aha' moment and 'Boobin' bras' won. < feel like ending on a full-stop is anti-climatic, so please feel free to make cheering noises in your head, because that's what I'm doing!


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