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Three step rewind

It can be so incredibly difficult when things that are hugely important to us don’t unfold as we expect. Birth, boobin’, events during our postpartum period - when these things don’t go as we imagine, or are perhaps even traumatic, it can be devastating.

When we are in distress, our fight or flight response is triggered in our amygdala. This cuts of our thinking brain (neocortex). Now usually when we realise we’re no longer in danger, the connection with our necortex is reestablished and we are able to return to the opposite state - rest and relaxation. When a traumatic event occurs this reconnection is hindered and the function of the hippocampus (the part responsible for processing memory) is also blocked.

This results in the emotions of the distressing event becoming inextricably linked to the memory of the event, which is unable to be processed and properly stored in the brain. Often any reminder of the event triggers the fight or flight response again and causes the event to be relived.


If this has happened to you, you might find yourself:

  • unable to stop thinking about the event

  • feeling anxious, low, and frightened often

  • struggling to talk about what happened

  • triggered by things that remind you of the event

This is where a three step rewind comes in...

The three step rewind is a simple, safe, and often highly effective, process for releasing trauma by supporting the memory to be reprocessed and stored appropriately. It isn’t therapy or counselling, and it isn’t suitable for treating severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Who is it for?

The process can help anyone, but I specifically work with people who have had distressing experiences around their pregnancy, birth, feeding, or postpartum period. This may be struggling with fertility, a distressing event during pregnancy, a traumatic birth experience, difficulties or trauma around the way they feed their baby, or other traumas in the postpartum period such as having a poorly baby, or being unwell themselves.


So what happens?

The rewind process happens over three sessions.

  • In session one we spend some time talking about the process and you have the opportunity to share your story. Some find talking through their story incredibly helpful, but it is not required. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to - just thinking about the event is enough. We also spend some time thinking about how you want to feel and the changes you would like to see in your life, followed by a relaxation session. This session takes around 90 minutes.

  • In session two we check in and then you are guided through the rewind process itself. This session generally takes around 60 minutes.

  • Session three is a chance to reflect on how you are feeling. Sometimes we will repeat the rewind, but often we will finish with a relaxation focussed on the future. This session is between 30 and 60 minutes.


A three step rewind with me costs £75, but if you are experiencing financial difficulty, please still get in touch as sometimes people opt to pay-it-forward and fund sessions for others, so I can let you know if that is an option, or add you to a waiting list.

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