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Bespoke hourly support

Are you looking for support you can tailor to your needs? Maybe you want some birth education, a listening ear, a sounding board, a few hours postpartum where a friendly face can pop in and bring you soup. Whatever it is, I've got you.


To make this work for you, I work flexibly and you can book me by the hour, or save a little and book in four hour blocks. 

Our time together can include:

  • talking about past birth experiences

  • discussing fears and hopes for birth

  • birth planning

  • birth education

  • birth partner preparation

  • midwife/hospital appointment support

  • breastfeeding support

  • bump painting

  • preparing food

  • light household chores

  • foot rubs

  • lots of listening!

Sessions can include any birth partners and can take place in your home, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. 

All clients booking hours antenatally gain access to the birth book library with no deposit required, as well as a copy of the Birthing Humans eBook and access to hypnobirthing tracks and editable birth, feeding, and postpartum plans.

Four hours: £160 

Per hour: £45

Please note, the hourly price for doula clients differs

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