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What my lovely clients have to say...

I couldn't recommend Lucy's hypnobirthing classes more highly. She makes you feel empowered, supported and confident in making important choices about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

She's incredibly knowledgeable and open-minded and never pushes just one agenda or approach - she helps you weigh up all your options and really makes sure you know that all your choices are for YOU to make, that any choice is valid and she never passes judgement.

She's down to earth, realistic and an experienced mother herself so I felt completely at ease talking with her about anything on my mind and always felt supported and reassured.

The book and downloadable resources she provides are incredibly useful to refer back to and the hypnobirthing tracks are deeply relaxing.

I would urge anyone approaching birth and becoming a parent to consider her classes as the incredible support you'll get during one of the most important times in your life is invaluable.

Kate, July 2021

Lucy’s passion really came through in our first meeting and it was clear she was super knowledgeable, personable, and a genuinely kind person.

Lucy was always there and supported with all my worries. She gave me links to helpful websites and it was great to know I could message or call anytime and she was available to listen and allowed me to offload.  It was so nice as well that Lucy checked in on me and asked how specific things were going - I felt I could be completely open with her and tell her how I was feeling about everything.

She helped with loads of practical things postpartum - helped me get confident using my sling which was a massive help. We enjoyed some nice walks together too. I had super massage when I was in labour too I seem to remember!


Lucy was an absolute superstar! She brought delicious and wholesome home cooked food , she looked after my baby while I had a relaxed shower, she did tidying and washing up - all stuff I wasn’t expecting and it was so, so appreciated. She also had an art of rustling up really tasty lunches when I would have struggled to find anything to make . Colourful fruit salads too, beautifully prepared - pure joy. Everything was flawless for us.

S, May, 2022

Lucy came across as an instant friend. No judgement, relatively on the same page and a great listener. She never took more than five minutes to respond to me. She has gone more than above and beyond. She has gone to the moon and stars to support my new family. Her knowledge of birth is exceptional. She never pushed her views or experiences onto us, more sign-posted when necessary and moreover talked everything through with me as many times as I wanted or needed.

Lucy and I have laughed and cried together. Having her on the edge of the pool when I thought I was drowning was an experience I will never forget.

We fast tracked a friendship so that I had the kind of 'mate' support I wanted during my birth and after. I have never had to sugar coat any questions. By the time of my birth she could assume what I was thinking. Priceless.

Everyone things having a baby is the pram, NCT, the baby shower - all of that is a waste of money compared to a doula.

Lucy is the most caring, thoughtful and intuitive soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone being supported by. When I went to appointments being threatened with growth scans that I knew I didn't need, just a look from Lucy empowered me to handle the difficult conversations. She encourages a lot of reflection and is a great listening ear for anything I've wanted to talk through.

I am a headstrong independent woman. Some women find me intimidating and don't want to engage with what I have to say. Lucy never made me feel anything but good about myself.

Thank you for making the experience painless for us Lucy. Thank you for always showing up with food and a smile. We would never want to have a baby without you. 

B, July, 2022

Lucy quickly became an anchor for me during my pregnancy, birth and parenting experience. She has been helping with all sorts of queries and emotional support for months and having her there has given me more confidence and reassurance, leaving more space to enjoy the journey. Lucy is profoundly kind and helpful and, she is super knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent.  I’d absolutely recommend her as a doula.

C, January 2023

Lucy was very warm and friendly and has a very relaxing and calm presence which is exactly what I wanted. She is also just lovely and very down to earth. Lucy is very thorough in her approach, she is a great listener and very understanding and makes you feel very at ease and supported through the whole process. Nothing was ever hard work and it always felt like she was just a call and or message away.


Lucy was very proactive in arranging our meet ups and was always 100% present. We feel like we have known her for years as she is just so lovely to have around. 100% recommend if you are looking for a wonderful support both before, during and post birth.


Lucy is a wonderful doula, we are so glad we found her. It was all very last minute as we were trying to finish our new house and hadn't booked anyone. She was very understanding to our situation and always there to support us. She is very friendly and a wonderful listener and was always there to help at our house too with even small things like the washing up or playing with our toddler, who just loves her!


She is very knowledgeable and always able to provide information or give guidance on certain topics. My husband was very thankful for Lucy's support through the whole process but especially through the birth, where she was very calm and helped him deliver our baby.

K, July 2023

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